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Why Buy From Us?

Our aim at Taimba is to make your life as free and easy as possible. Our tagline, #Have It All, summarizes our wish for you. We understand that you constantly need to do your grocery and other items shopping and we understand that you are busy and would like time to do other more important stuff. That's why, at Taimba, we bring the shopping, including the most basic groceries, to you so you can get more out of your day. Our wide selection of items ensures that from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can get exactly what you need or want when you want it.


For The Foodies

Are you looking for variety? We have all the variety you need to make that sumptuous meal. In the process of shopping also throw in a microwave or a cooker from the high quality Mika appliances to furnish your kitchen with what you've always wanted. Please also take a selfie while cooking and blog about it on our Taimba blog for the sake of those of us who would want to try your recipe. Don't forget to relax afterwards with our absolutely decadent and healthy hot cuppa of herbal tea from Jenier (No....Never heard of Jenier....don't worry once you taste it you will never go back!)

 For The Food Sensitive

We are home to the first ever Organic produce online store. So if you are an Organic produce lover this is just the home of shopping for you. We've got you sorted on all your Organic produce needs.

 For The Techies

Taimba has a wide range of lifestyle products that make your life more interesting. Check out our Promate lifestyle products at affordable prices and much more!

For The Home Lovers

Taimba has not forgotten you. We offer a range of home decor items that will make you smile every time you get home. From our beautifully woven persian carpets to ourunique throws,Taimba allows you to #Have It All.

For The Hardcore

Taimba would also recommend Jenier herbal tea but we know you would be looking for something stronger. Taimba boasts of a variety of French wines that would absolutely excite your taste buds. 


Whatever you are into get into Taimba (but only the legal stuff!) Happy shopping!